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Norway AdvenTURes is a company aiming to offer the ultimate natural experience in Norway. Norway AdvenTURes was started because we discovered the magnificent multitude of natural resources available in Norway with glaciers, mountains, fjords, cliffs, islands, the ocean and not in the least it's cultural heritage. Many of these places are not yet discovered by (inter)national turists and realized, as a foreigner myself, that without proper guiding this special area would remain unknown and untouched, regardless of the number of people passing by, would never be able to enjoy this natural beauty. Simply because you won't find your way to these special spots on your own.

By sharing our love for outdoor activities and wild nature we make our dream come true and make a living at the same time in a healthy and endurable way. We do this by providing a nice place to stay as a base for our guided tours, where we will provide you with as much local information and culture as you like. Read more about our people and why we think we can help you make your dreamtrip come true.

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We are very proud to be selected as Evaneos' local agent in Norway. This is a qualitystamp for the work we do. Thank you Evaneos!
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