Travel by yourself in Norway

When you are travelling by yourself on a trip that we have designed for you, we will send you a detailed day to day program with all kind of must do/see tips/logistics, and vouchers, appr. 3 weeks before arrival.

We will also provide you with an emergency number that you can call 7 days a week, in case you need to contact us while traveling in Norway.

In general about the climate:
Sharing the same latitude as Alaska, Greenland and Siberia, Norway has a pleasant climate compared to these places. Due to the Gulf Stream and warm air currents, Norway has a friendlier climate than the latitude would indicate, and the coldest areas in the winter are often inland or far to the north.

That said: the weather in the Fjords can be unpredictable, change fast and has big local differences. We would advice you to bring enough warm clothes (so that you can layer), a waterproof jacket, hat (that covers your ears), umbrella, and good shoes to walk in.

For pretty accurate weatherforecasts you can check these norwegian websites:

What to do in the cities:

Hotels and cabins:
  • If you think you will arrive at your hotel/cabin after 20.00 (8 pm) please notify the hotel directly.
  • Be aware of the fact that some hotels close their kitchen quite early in the evening (f.ex. 21.00), so ask about dinner possibilities when you check-in.
  • Some locations are situated in a remote area, with no shops in the surroundings. Small necessities though can often be bought at the reception desk.
  • When you sleep in cabins linen might or might not be included, depending on what you ordered. Duvets/blankets and pillows are provided. To spare money we would advise you to bring your own 'sheet sleeping bag/ cotton hut sack', pillowcase and towel. Staying at DNT cabins there is sometimes no other alternative than using your own sheet bag.

Shopping in Norway:
  • In small villages shops close early, and they are not open on Sunday either, so grocery shopping has to be planned.
  • The currency in Norway is Norwegian Krones (nok). In Norway in general they accept Visa/Mastercard, but it is always convenient to have cash available!

General tips:
  • It hardly gets dark here in summer, so you will have long evenings to enjoy.
  • Norway is a safe country to travel in, also for solo travellers (but of course you should watch your belongings)
  • The water from the tap is safe to drink, and tastes good. When hiking we even drink from rivers and waterfalls.
  • When you are travelling by train/boat/bus we really advice you to only bring ONE suitcase, and one accessory each. There are no carriers to help you with your luggage, and otherwise it might be too heavy.

Driving in Norway:
  • Be aware of the fact that driving in Norway takes a lot more time than you are used to. This is because of curvy roads (max. speed 60 - 80 kph) and fjord crossings by ferry. This means you have to take your time for the transportation laps.
  • We would advice you to buy a roadmap (can be bought at petrol station), which makes it easier to navigate (the road signs are not always so clear, and GPS does not always work)
  • Be aware that the fines for driving too fast are enormous, so watch your speed.
  • While driving in the mountains, always have water with you and some snacks.
  • Remember it might be far to the next petrol station.

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