Travelling with children in Norway

Our general advice:
Norwegian summers are famous for the variety of weather. From hot to cold, from sun to rain and even snow (depending on how high up in the mountains you are), from a breeze to a storm. Be prepared for all of this, especially when hiking or paddling.

In Norway they have a saying: 'There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing'. So now you know what to do. Pack smart!
We advice you to bring enough WARM clothes (so that you can layer), a water-/windproof jacket, hat (that covers the ears), umbrella, and good shoes to walk in (preferrably waterproof).
We also have a list for packing when hiking in Norway, maybe you find some inspiration there.

Clothing for children:
Since children love to play with water and mud, in Norway children tend to get dirty quite fast, and well, isn't this wonderful?
This is the reason why Norwegian children very often are dressed in rain clothing and boots when they play outside. We would definitely advice you to have this with you when you come to Norway.

Norwegian children have woollen underwear and fleece under their clothing, which is much better than cotton, because it isolates even when wet. And of course woollen socks.

All Norwegians wear hats or bandanas/buff that cover the ears, even in summer, because of a possible cold wind.

Stroller or carrier:
A stroller is of course good to have for using in the cities or villages, but as you understand, if you want to do some short hikes/adventures, a stroller will not work. It works much better with a carrier. If you have one, or can borrow one, please bring it.

If you want to have some fun preparing for your trip you could start to read some Norwegian children books (in English). We are working on a list with some tips for you. In the meanwhile you will find some here.