Summer hiking Norway gear list

Bever summer hike gear Norway
What you will pack for the day hike depends of course of the part of Norway you are, what the weather is like that day, and how high up in the mountains you are (the higher, the more you have to be prepared for colder weather, rain/snow).
In general: bring enough warm clothes with you for the entire vacation.
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The DNT (Norwegian Trekking Association) has made a very useful list. Also take a look at their general tips about clothing wise.

wool, partly wool or synthetic long-sleeved shirt
• wool socks/stockings
• wind jacket/anorak or all-weather jacket
• sweater/jacket, wool or fleece
• if you are planning on hiking a lot, you can even bring a thin down jacket (if you have), that you can wear under your wind jacket
• mountain trousers (comfortable, preferably fast drying material)
• shirt or light sweater of wool or fleece
hikingboots (waterproof)
• rucksack (20-30 ltr)

In pack or pockets:
• rain jacket (if your jacket isn't all-weather)
• rain trousers (if your trousers aren't all-weather)
• cap/hat (that covers your ears)
• neckband/buff
• extra set with dry clothes (shirt, socks)
• toilet paper
• suntan cream
• sunglasses
• insect repellent
• lunch packet
• thermos or water bottle
• energybar
• money
• medicines (if applicable)
• camera

Special equipment which might be needed depending on the amount and level of hikes:
If you are here on a hiking vacation, since hiking in the Fjords often means many meters ascent en descent, please bring your poles if you normally use them.
When hiking before the month of July, you might want to bring your gaiters (gamaches) too.
Are you going to stay in mountain huts, then bring your sleeping bag liner/travel sleeper.

You or your guide pack:
• map and compass
• map case (with pencil and paper)
• knife
• first aid kit

Download this checklist and tips.

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(Photo: by Martin Hogeboom for Bever)