Packing list for multi day kayak trip

Weather in Norway changes fast, be sure you have enough clothing suitable for the weather forecast. This is a list of recommendations when joining on of our guided kayak tours .
  1. Light clothing for paddling during the day (preferably of fast drying material)
  2. Waterproof /rain clothing (both jacket and trousers)
  3. Warm clothing for evenings (woollen underwear, woollen socks, cap/hat might be useful even in summer season)
  4. Light shoes which can get wet. Ideally neoprene paddling shoes or water-resistant shoes/sandals, which protect both your feet and ankles. Preferably without shoe laces.
  5. Hiking boots for hiking up a (steep) path to a camping site
  6. Hat/cap (which covers the ears)
  7. Swimwear and towel for sunny days
  8. Sunglasses
  9. Sunscreen cream
  10. Personal necessities like toiletries and small towel. If you have health problems and need your personal medications please make sure you have them with you on a trip.
  11. Sleeping bag (can also be rented through us - more info below)
  12. Camera
  13. Mosquito repellent
  14. Some sweets/snacks (if you want)
  15. Headlight (from the second part of August)
  16. Drinking bottle
  17. Backpack from 40L or more (for carrying your gear to the camp sites)

  • Kayaks, kayak gear, life vests
  • One waterproof bag per person (35L)
  • Meals - from lunch on day 1 to lunch on last day
  • Camping gear (not including sleeping bag)
  • Tents
  • Air mattresses
  • Toilet paper
  • First aid kit

Clothing tips:
In clothing try to avoid cotton, it easily gets wet and does not dry quickly. Synthetic materials are preferred.
Use the layering principle. You can add or remove layers depending on temperature. Don't forget comfortable and preferably woollen socks. And a spare pair.

First layer: this layer keeps you warm: short or long sleeve T-shirt from wooll or woollen/synthetic materials is recommended.
Second layer: woollen or fleece sweater for extra warmth.
Third layer: it is your protection from wind and rain: waterproof jacket and trousers are recommended.

In case of 3+ days trips and (or) bad weather forecasts be sure to take enough sets with clothing - extra socks, t-shirts etc. (things get wet).

Sleeping bags:
You can bring your own sleeping bag or rent one from us. Please order it 10 days before the trip. Ask us for the price.

If you have more questions about kayaking check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).