Arctic Adventure packing list

Northern Norway has a varied climate and in the winter the average temperature is around -6 °C. However when you are going to travel there to experience Arctic adventures or chase the Northern Lights, you need to expect temperatures from -25 °C to +5 °C.

There are some good guidelines about how to dress in the winter here. Some of the essential items include:
- Woollen underwear (long johns)
- Woollen jersey
- Woollen socks (thick ones)
- Fleece jacket or woolen sweater
- Wind and waterproof trousers and jacket (ski pants and jacket if waterproof will be ok)
- Gloves/mittens (mittens will keep your hands warmer) preferably wind and waterproof
- Woollen hat and scarf
- Waterproof hiking shoes/boots (with thick soles)

It is a good idea to have several layers of clothes, with the woollen layer as close to your skin as possible. With several layers, it makes it easier to regulate your temperature if it's warm or cold.

Another tip is to bring:
  • moisturizing cream for both your face and hands, and moisturizing lip balm. Skin tends to dry out fast because of the cold, snow, and dry climate.
  • slippers (as in indoor footwear), to wear inside your hotelroom or cabin (you will get tired of your heavy winter shoes)

For our guests that are afraid of slippery surfaces (because of snow and ice), the Norwegians have a good solution for this (especially used in the cities): 'spikes' that you can easily attach to your shoes and take off again. They are called 'brodder' in Norwegian. They come in many different brands, this is an example of how they look:

They sell them in: shoe shops, the pharmacy called 'apoteket' in Norwegian, or sport stores. They should not be expensive, between 100 and 150 kroners, around 12 dollars (do not make them sell you expensive ones).

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