Hiking in Norway

We can promise you that hiking in the Fjords of Norway cannot be compared to other hikes you have done. The views are extremely scenic but the trails might have steep ascents and descents, are rocky and uneven, and the trails are not always well marked either. We have had many experienced hikers with us on our guided trips and all of them admit that hiking in the Fjords is heavier than they expected.

Pack Smart!

Norwegian summers are famous for the variety of weather. From very warm to cold, from sun to rain and even snow (depending on how high up in the mountains you are), from a breeze to a storm. Be prepared for all of this, especially when hiking or paddling.
In Norway they have a saying: 'There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing'. So now you know what to do. Pack smart!

Advice on what to pack for a summer dayhike.

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Hike Safe!

If you choose to hike on your own be prepared and do it safely.

Please take the time to read the following articles
Visit Norway has made a list of essential tips for successful and safe mountain hikes in summer in Norway, also including destination guides for the hikes to Pulpit Rock, Besseggen, Trolltunga etc.

To help hikers find their way in the Norwegian mountains and forests, and to ensure they choose the hike that is best suited to their ability, Norway uses a shared standard for grading all its marked paths. The trails are all colour-coded to let hikers know what to expect:
Grading ,safety and equipment by Fjord Norway

DNT - Norwegian Trekking Association

Information about hiking (FAQ) provided by DNT, Norwegian Trekking Association

Den Norske Turistforening (DNT) translates to English as "The Norwegian Trekking Association". This organization can be seen as a vivid expression of Norwegian adoration of nature and as one of the outcomes of popularity of hiking and mountain tours in the country.
DNT provides practical information about hiking and outdoor life, organizes tours, courses and is famous for its comfortable cabins. DNT owns cabins all over Norway, there are various types of buildings from modern mountain cabins to old historical buildings and former houses of a lighthouses guards. Every hiker has access to DNT cabins, but some facilities are locked and only members of organization have keys for all DNT cabins in the country. When using the DNT cabins you are supposed to bring your own bag liner/travel sheet. Blankets/duvets are provided.

It is easy to become a member, this option is allowed both for Norwegians and for foreigners. DNT membership also gives discounts in several Norwegian sport stores and discounts and benefits in trekking association cabins not only in Norway, but in Sweden too.
To learn more about DNT membership and cabins please check DNT's website.