FAQ Snowshoeing week 2018

How to get to Norway?

Which flight shall I book?

Book KLM Amsterdam to Ålesund.
To Ålesund on March 3, departure Amsterdam 14.20, arrival Ålesund 16.20.
Returnticket from Ålesund on March 10, departure Ålesund 17.10, arrival Amsterdam 19.15.

When and where do we meet our guide? How will the transfer be arranged?

Your guide will be waiting for you upon arrival in the terminal. The van is parked 25m outside the terminal and drives you to the accommodation (beautiful drive with several ferry crossings over the fjords). You can reach our office at +47 99404207 or +47 92835232. Our guide will arrange all the transfers.

Accommodation and facilities

Do the cabins have adresses?

No, but leave the above telephone numbers in case of emergency and we will help you.
Is there wifi in the cabin?

Yes, in Nordfjord it has but we do not guarantee it (in case of problems with the wifi).


Who arranges what?

We arrange the snowshoes and poles. You bring your own (hiking) boots.

What type of snowshoes do we use?

We use several type of snowshoes of the brand MSR, they all have the same bindings.

Do I need avalanche safety equipment?

Yes, everybody needs to take their own set with spade, probe and beacon (NL: LVS)

Do I need an avalanche airbag?

It is not obligatory; our guides do not use them on these hikes. In case of an avalanche it increases your chances of survival. If you have one, bring it.

What about health issues?

Our guide has a first aid kid. If you have health problems and need your personal medications please make sure you have them with you on a trip. If you have health problems which can impact a trip please let us know in advance (while booking) for safety reasons.

Packing for the trip (clothing, food, etc.)

Are there shops close to where we stay?

No not near to where we stay. The guide has bought all the food. Usually we stop at a supermarket after coming back from a hike where everybody has the opportunity to buy something they like (snacks, chocolate, fruits). Note that alcohol cannot be bought in a supermarket but only in a special shop called 'vinmonopolet', this shop has restricted opening hours (see remark about bringing alcohol below).

What type of clothing do I need to bring?

Download the packing list for this trip (is in Dutch).
What are the meals like?

Breakfast with bread and/or cereals. Juice, milk, coffee, tea. Everybody makes their own lunch for taking on the trip and can fill their bottles with cold or hot drinks.
Dinner is a 2-course (starter or desert, and main course). Often local food like lam, deer, fish, chicken, pasta, rice, potatoes with fresh vegetables.
You can bring your own drinks and snacks if you want that.

We do not serve alcohol, but you can take it with you. Keep in mind that alcohol is very expensive in Norway. The best thing to do (so you do not have to bring it with you) to buy it taxfree (very reasonable prices) upon arrival at the airport in Ålesund (this is before you go through customs, so you have to follow the regulations. For amount of alcohol, you can bring to the country please check TOLL customs.)

I am a vegetarian, have other foodallergies, what to do?

We can adjust our menu to your diet, but only if you inform us about this upon booking (we have to plan the menu before the trip starts.