FAQ kayak trip Geiranger 2 day

Where and when?

Where does the trip start and finish?

The kayak trip leaves from and returns to Hellesylt. If you are travelling by public transportation we advise you staying in Hellesylt the evening before the trip, because there are no buses from Ålesund in the morning.

Where is the meeting point?

We start this trip from Hellesylt, meeting at 10.30 am at the waterfront near the campingsite. You can see the camping when you follow the tunnel down to the village, at your righthand side at the waterfront. When you see our van/car with the kayak trailer - you are at the right place!

Where is the finish point?

We will return at the end of day 2 at the same place in Hellesylt.

When do we return?

In the afternoon of day 2, between 4 (16.00) and 6 (18.00) pm, you will get back to Hellesylt. If you want to catch a specific bus, please notify us before booking and also at the start of the kayak trip.

Accommodation and getting to Ålesund and Hellesylt

How to get to Ålesund?

We recommend you take a flight on the day before the start of the trip.
You can fly from Oslo or Bergen, to Ålesund. There are also international flights directly from Amsterdam (KLM).
The name of the airport is: Ålesund airport Vigra.
How to get from the Ålesund airport/city centre to Hellesylt?

From Ålesund airport Vigra you can take the airport shuttle bus to Ålesund city center (appr. 25 minutes). The bus stops right outside the airport terminal.

At FRAM you can find the bus from Ålesund to Hellesylt. In general, there are 2- 3 busses a day that leave from Ålesund bus station (Ålesund rutebilstasjon). You can buy a ticket in the bus and tell the driver where you want to get off (for example the hostel in Hellesylt). The time table varies during the week and weekend so please check the available buses at the website.

Where to stay in Hellesylt the night before and after the trip?

If you need a cheap place to stay in Hellesylt on the night before or after the kayak trip please check Hellesylt hostel. From this hostel you can walk down to the waterfront in 10 minutes time to the meeting point of the trip.

Besides hostels, you can camp on the campsite in Hellesylt.

Where to stay in Ålesund?

In Ålesund there are plenty of hotels and hostels in different price ranges. Just choose one you like the most. For instance, you can stay in this hostel.

General information

What is a typical day in a kayak trip?

An average day of a kayak trip consists of 2,5 + 2,5 hours paddling. It can be less paddling on the first day because we will spend some time on packing and preparations. At the end of the first day we will do a short hike to a camping spot. Camping includes making camp and preparing dinner on fire.

The second day starts with breakfast, afterwards we will paddle and have a lunch break (on land), before heading back.

A typical day varies on the type of kayak trip. The program also depends on weather conditions, especially wind, and on skills and abilities of the group.

What is the group size?

We paddle in small groups maximum 8 persons and 1 guide. Average group size is 5-7 persons plus 1 guide.

What type of kayaks
do you use?

We provide both single and double seakayaks. Especially the double kayaks are quite stable.If you have a strong preference please let us know while booking.

How experienced in kayaking should I be to attend
a kayak trip?

For 1 or 2-day kayak trips you don't need any kayaking experience. But you need to be physically fit for paddling for 5 hours per day plus short hikes.

What is the minimum age for attending kayak trips?

For kayak trips, we accept children from 12-13 years old. If you plan a family tour - tell us and we will discuss it in detail.
What about health issues?
Our guide has a first aid kid. If you have health problems and need your personal medications please make sure you have it with you on a trip. If you have health problems which can impact a trip please let us know in advance (while booking) for safety reasons.

Packing for kayaking trips (clothing, food, gear etc.)

What kind of shoes to take?

For kayaking it is best with neoprene or water-resistant shoes/sandals, which protect both your feet and ankles. Preferably without shoe laces. Hiking boots are not suitable for kayaking, but you'll need to have hiking boots with you for short hikes to camping spots.

What type of clothing do I need for a kayak trip?

Follow the main idea - you must be outside 24 hours a day without getting wet or cold. Norway is a Northern country and even in summer it can be cold and rain a lot. Therefore, proper rain clothing (both jacket and pants) and good woollen underwear (both top and bottom) must be the base of your clothing. Add an extra warm sweater like fleece or wool. If you have you could wear trousers of fast drying material in the kayak.
Hiking boots should be waterproof. And don't forget warm clothes, including a hat, for evenings at the camp.
Packinglistfor multi day kayak trip
Do we wear wet or dry suits?

We normally do not paddle in wet or dry suits. Everybody has 'normal' clothes on, and proper rain clothing on the outside. If you have your own dry suit, and the weather forecast predicts a lot of rain, you can consider bringing your own dry suit.
Do I need to bring kayak and camping gear to the trip?

All camping and kayak gear is provided by us (except sleeping bag). We also provide air mattresses (free of charge). Mind that you should bring your own sleeping bag. It should be warm, preferably 3 seasons. Comfort temp from 5 degrees C.
It is possible to rent sleeping bags from us (see a question below for more information about sleeping bags).
Can I rent sleeping bags and what is the price of this option?

Yes, you can rent sleeping bags from us. Can be ordered as an add-on when booking online (via the book now button). Cost per person for 2 days is NOK 150 -. We advice you to bring your own travel sheet/liner to put inside the sleeping bag. We provide air mattresses, this option is free of charge. You can take your own sleeping bag. It should be warm, preferably 3 seasons. Comfort temp from 5 degrees C.
Where do we sleep during the kayak trips?
We sleep in small tents.
Can I rent a tent for the trip?
Tents are included in the price of the trip.
Do I need a waterproof bag?
We provide one waterproof bag (35L) per person for your belongings. The option is free of charge.
You can take your own waterproof bags too.
What size of backpack is good for a trip?
We recommend to bring a 40L backpack (or more). If you have 25L and 80L- choose the 80L backpack for the trip. You will need this backpack to bring gear to the camping spot.
Are meals included in price of kayak trips?
Yes, food is included in the price, on our trips all meals are provided by us.
While on the Geiranger Fjord Adventure we serve all meals from lunch on day 1, to lunch on day 2 plus fruits and chocolate.
For breakfast, we serve tea and coffee freshly cooked on a camp fire, and fresh made sandwiches.
For lunch, we offer fresh made sandwiches: we usually use smoked Norwegian salmon, cheese, ham, salami, jam and peanut butter.
For dinner, we make chicken, vegetables and rice or pasta - all freshly cooked on a camp fire. Tea and coffee are also included.
Our food is suitable for vegetarians. If you have a specific food allergies or diet please let us know in advance while booking a trip.
You can bring your own drinks and snacks to a trip.
We don't serve alcohol, but you can take it with you. Keep in mind that alcohol is very expensive in Norway. For amount of alcohol, you can bring to the country please check TOLL customs.
Where to leave my belongings (luggage)?
It is safe to leave your valuables in your car as well as leave it in our van while kayaking. You will also get a waterproof bag (35L) to take some valuables and clothes with you.