FAQ Hiking in the Fjords in 7 days from 2 bases

Area, program and hiking

Are the famous hikes to Pulpit Rock and Trolltunga included in this week?

If you, in summer season, want to meet a lot of people and walk in line, we would advice you to do those hikes. If you rather hike off the beaten track, where you can enjoy the amazing fjord scenery in peace, you can join us. We live and work here in the fjords and we know the best spots, we are more than happy to share them with you.

In what area will we hike?

Areas we will usually cover are Nordfjord (from glaciers to coastal islands) and Sunnmøre with the Geiranger- and Hjørundfjord.
Can you send me the itinerary?

Since there has to be flexibility regarding to the hikes we cannot give you a more specific indication then the areas where we will hike and the example of hikes that will be considered (see below)

What does the program look like?

The idea behind this hiking week is to show you the big diversity of the Fjords and Atlantic Coast.

We use the cabin as a base and drive every day to a different start point where we do day hikes. Hikes depend on weather and group(form) and interest. We are flexible.

We always include other aspects as culture, food, meeting locals etc. Visit a cider farm or sheep farm, nice little town center with a cafe and bakery etc.

The program looks like this:

Day 1: the program starts in Nordfjordeid at the meeting point at 10 am. Hiking.
Day 2: Hiking
Day 3: Hiking
Day 4: You have free time. You can relax or swim or take an optional kayak daytrip (not included, see below)
Day 5: Hiking
Day 6: Hiking
Day 7: The trip ends in Nordfjordeid after breakfast at 10 am. Or Stryn at 09.15 am. No more hiking on this last day.

What is the difficulty level of the hikes?

Moderate to higher difficulty level (of 5 boots: 3-4 boots). Expect to hike for four to seven hours per day, and ascend (and decend) between 300 and 800 meters per day.

The routes taken will be the equivalent of the blue and red code trails, according to

the Norwegian grading systems for hiking trails.

The guide will adapt the hikes (as far as possible) according to the weather forecast, current weather and group ability and experience.

What hikes will we do?

Hikes we like are Veten in Bremanger, Hornelen, Saksa near Øye, Skageflå in Geiranger, Skåla, Bødalsglacier both near Loen etc. Sometimes we only do parts of these hikes, or pick others. More information about the hikes.

How does day 4 function?

That day we check out of the house after breakfast and the guide drives the ones who like to do a (not included) guided kayaktrip in a spectacular side fjord arm to the start of the trip in Ålfoten. The ones who do not like to paddle can either do a hike on their own in the valley nearby Ålfoten (very nice easy hike, the guide will show you where to go) or enjoy/relax by the fjord. In the afternoon around 3 pm everybody gathers and you drive to the ferry for crossing the fjord and continue to the next cabin appr. one hour driving, after taking the ferry.

How big is the group?

The group will be minimum 4 and maximum 7 participants, plus the guide.

Can I take my children on this trip?

In general we would say that this trip is not suited for children under the age of 15. Fit teenagers over the age of 15 might might do well. In general, when travelling and hiking with your family we would suggest you to have your private guide to adjust the level of hiking. Ask us for a tailormade offer.

When and how to get to Nordfjordeid?

When to get to Nordfjordeid?

You should arrive in Norway the day before the hiking week starts, to be on time in Nordfjordeid. The trip starts at 10 am.

Cheap travel: from Oslo or Bergen by bus:
From Oslo or Bergen you can take the express bus (www.nettbuss.no )
Time by bus:
from Bergen - Nordfjordeid: 6 hrs
from Oslo - Nordfjordeid: 9-9,5 hrs
Tickets can be ordered online.

From Oslo you can take the night bus directly from Oslo International Airport Gardermoen at 22.55 (10.55 pm) to Nordfjordeid with arrival there the next day at 06.53 am. This means this corresponds well with the start of the trip. It is safe to travel by bus, and because of the long summernights, if you not sleep on the bus, you will still see a lot.
Relaxed travel: from Bergen by boat:

From Bergen, you can take the boat along the Coast to Måløy. This is a very scenic 5 hr boat trip, recommended (can be booked online at Norled ).
Timetable boat on weekdays and Sunday: boat from Bergen 16:30 arrival Måløy 21:10 (or alternative departure Bergen 08:00 arrival Måløy 12:40).

MIND: on Saturdays the boat only leaves from Bergen at 14.15 with arrival in Måløy 18:50 (this is relevant for the Hiking the Fjords week that starts on July 21!), and there is no early bus on Sunday morning. Please take the bus to Nordfjordeid upon arrival, 18.50, and book an overnight stay in Nordfjordeid, see below.

Alternative 1: Stay in a hotel in Måløy and the next morning take the bus to Nordfjordeid.
Hotels in Måløy: Thon hotel Måløy or Torget hotel (website only in Norwegian, you can send them an e-mail for booking request). Take the bus the next morning at 08.15 am (on weekdays, NOT on Sunday July 21!)), arrival in Nordfjordeid 09.15 am. More information about the bus schedule: www.en-tur.no (ticket can be bought on the bus). The final bus schedule is first available 3 months before travel date.

Alternative 2: Or upon arrival in Måløy take the corresponding bus to Nordfjordeid (leaves 21.12, or on Saturdays at 18.50) the same evening. If you do this please inform the crew on the boat from Bergen that you are planning on taking the corresponding bus because they will inform the bus in case they are delayed.
Hotels in Nordfjordeid: Scandic hotel Nordfjord, or a little cheaper Bryggen hotel Nordfjordeid

You can also try Booking.com or AirBnB.

The meeting point in Nordfjordeid will be at the bus station.

From Oslo or Bergen by air

From Oslo and Bergen you can take a domestic flight to Sandane airport (with www.wideroe.no ). There is an airport shuttle taxi from Sandane to Nordfjordeid (takes appr. 45-60 minutes). Mind that upon the end of the hiking week, the timetable of the flights do not correspond seamless, so this has to be verified by us.
By rental car

Rental car from Bergen about 5 hrs. and 30 min drive. If you prefer to rent a car we would recommend you to fly in to Bergen as the distance is much shorter.
When to leave Nordfjordeid

The trip ends on the last day at 10 am in the morning in Nordfjordeid, or 09.15 in Stryn.
How to travel from Nordfjordeid

At the end of the trip we would not advice you to take the boat to Bergen, because of the timetables.
We would rather advice to take the bus to Bergen or Oslo (if that is where you are heading to).
The expressbusses timetables can be found on Nettbuss.

It is also possible to order a Flytaxi. To do so you can call the following phone number +47) 57 86 05 00. (NOTE: This has to be done one day before travelling with Flytaxi.

The cabins you will stay might vary per tour. Sometimes the last cabin will be closer to Stryn than Nordfjordeid, and you could look at busses from there. Please ask us for advice.
After booking your hiking week at our agency we are happy to help you figuring out the last details and logistics.
If you have more days you want to spend in Norway before or after the hiking week we can also help you with that.

Accommodation and facilities

Where are the cabins situated?

We are going to stay in 2 different cabins in total. The first one is closer to the Atlantic Coast of Nordfjord, the second one will be more in the inner part of Nordfjord. We will use our own van for covering the region and will do daily very different hikes. This way you get a great impression of Fjord life and nature. We might hike straight from the cabin or drive to an area where we will take day hikes.

Can you send me a link to the cabins where we will stay?

No, unfortunately not because many of the cabins we use are not online bookable, and do not even have a street address.
Are the cabins well equipped

The cabins, only used by our group, have a shared bathroom, living room and kitchen, and a nice view. The cabins are well equipped. Bed linen is provided. Please bring your own towel(s).
Is there wifi in the cabin?

Most probably yes, but we cannot guarantee it.
How will the sleeping arrangements be?

The price of the trip is based on double occupancy. The rooms in the cabins are based on two people sharing each room. If you have paid for single occupancy, you will have a room for yourself.

Equipment, guide and health

Do we carry our own back pack every day, or do we keep our luggage in the cabin?

While hiking you only use your day back pack. The rest of your luggage will stay in the cabin.

What language does the guide speak?

All our guides talk English fluently.
What about health issues?
Our guide has a first aid kid. If you have health problems and need your personal medications please make sure you have them with you on a trip. If you have health problems which can impact a trip please let us know in advance (while booking) for safety reasons.

Packing for the trip (clothing, food, etc.)

Are there shops close to where we stay?

No not near to where we stay. The guide has bought all the food. Usually we stop at a supermarket after coming back from a hike where everybody has the opportunity to buy something they like (snacks, chocolate, fruits). Note that alcohol cannot be bought in a supermarket but only in a special shop called 'vinmonopolet', this shop has restricted opening hours (see remark about bringing alcohol below).

What type of clothing do I need to bring?

Take a look at our packinglist for hiking.
What are the meals like?

Breakfast with bread and/or cereals. Juice, milk, coffee, tea. Everybody makes their own lunch for taking on the trip and can fill their bottles with cold or hot drinks.
Dinner is a 2-course (starter or desert, and main course). Often local food like lam, deer, fish, chicken, pasta, rice, potatoes with fresh vegetables.
You can bring your own drinks and snacks if you want that.

We do not serve alcohol, but you can take it with you. Keep in mind that alcohol is very expensive in Norway. The best thing to do (so you do not have to bring it with you) to buy it taxfree (very reasonable prices) upon arrival at the airport in Ålesund (this is before you go through customs, so you have to follow the regulations. For amount of alcohol, you can bring to the country please check TOLL customs.)
I am a vegetarian, have other foodallergies, what to do?
We can adjust our menu to your diet, but only if you inform us about this upon booking (we have to plan the menu before the trip starts).

Are you ready to come hiking with us on our Hiking the Fjords in 7 days from 2 bases?
Reserve your spot by booking online (via the 'book now' button on the webpage), this feature can also be used to check up-to-date availability.