Best books about Norway

This page is work in progress, but it will already give you valuable tips.

Since Anne, one of the owners, loves to read she wants to share some booktips with you. You can read these books both before, during or after your trip to Norway, they will encrease your experience.

1. The Bridge Builders,written by Jan Guillou
Norwegian title: Brobyggerne
Style: historical novel
Especially interesting because: the description of how the railway between Bergen and Oslo was built around 1900.
Anne's review: 'I adored this book because of the insights in how it was to engineer the railway at that time, dealing with the harsh climate high up in the mountains. When you take the train nowadays, both the Bergensbanen (between Bergen and Oslo), and the Flåmsbanen (Flåm railway) it makes it all extra special to know what ordeal it was to create it.

This series, 7 books in total, is about humanity's greatest, cruelest and bloodiest century starts in 1900 with three boys from a poor fishing village in Norway, and follows them and, in later books, their children to Germany, England, Africa and Sweden. It touches on ambitious engineering projects, colonialism in Africa, communities of artists, the world wars, underground resistance, espionage, nuclear threat and Vietnam protests.

2. Dina's book, written by Herbjørg Wassmo
Norwegian title: Dinas bok
Style: historical novel
Especially interesting because of the impression of growing up in an isolated fishermen village in Norway around 1800.
Anne's review: 'I loved this book because of it made me realise how different from nowadays it was to grow up then. The book/main character Dina is a little special, but that is how literature can be sometimes'.

Herbjørg Wassmo, winner of the Nordic Council Literature Prize, is one of Scandinavia's leading novelists and poets. She has written many good books.

3. Growth of the Soil, written by Knut Hamson
Norwegian title: Markens Grøde
Style: historical novel
Especially interesting because it follows the story of a man who settles and lives in rural Norway.
Anne's review: 'if you like literature then this is a classic book you have to read'.

Knut Hamsun was a major Norwegian writer, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1920 for his book Growth of the Soil. Hamsun's work spans more than 70 years and shows variation with regard to the subject, perspective and environment.

4. Harry Hole thriller series, written by Jo Nesbø
Style: thriller, based in and around Oslo
Anne's review: 'All of Jo Nesbø's thrillers about Harry Hole are worth reading'
You will find a list of all his books here.

Jo Nesbø is a Norwegian writer, musician, former economist and reporter. Jo Nesbo is one of the world's bestselling crime writers, with The Leopard, Phantom, Police, The Son and his latest Harry Hole novel, The Thirst, all topping the Sunday Times bestseller charts. He's an international number one bestseller and his books are published in 50 languages, selling over 33 million copies around the world.

Other recommendations (more information will follow):
Gunnar Staalesen: has written many novels and thrillers, from the area of Bergen
Pet Petterson: Out stealing horses
Roy Jacobsen: The Unseen
Sigrid Undset: Triology about Kristin Lavransdatter, and life in the Middle Ages in Scandinavia

Some of these books might also be available as Ebook or for Kindle.