Travel in Norway:
In order to do and see a lot, get to the best spots, you have to be mobile. Longer distances can be covered by domestic flights, ekpress coach and some of them by train, cruise ship and by ekspress boat (along the coast). Logistics can be hard to figure out in Norway, but with our help you will do great.

We want you to get the most out of your holiday, either it's to see, do or relax, travelling should be effective or an adventure. Therefore we use all of the above ways of transportation and mostly advice guests travelling on a self guided trip on land to use a rental car.

We are agent for the following cruise/ferry/bus companies, and can therefor offer you good prices:

Travel to Norway:
By car:
From mainland Europe you can take your car on the ferry of Colorline or Fjordline from Germany or Denmark.
Or you can drive all the way by bridge via Denmark and Sweden.

By plane:
Note that Norwegian often has very good prices for both international and domestic flights. New in summer 2017: direct route from New York and Boston to Bergen.
Also SAS-Scandinavian Airlines has several flights to and in Norway
For getting to the Geiranger region we advice you to fly to Ålesund. KLM has a direct flight from Amsterdam to Ålesund (Vigra)
You can also try to find good deals for flights on for example