Travel to Norway: what you need to pack {checklist}

There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing

Did you know this Norwegian expression? It means that if the weather might get bad, but you have the right gear, you can still enjoy it. But if not, it may spoil your experience. We would like to help you prepare well for your trip to Norway and enjoy it to the fullest, which is why we want to give you some tips.

Since the Western part of Norway, with it's famous fjords, is the most popular destination for many of Norway Adventures' customers, we will focus most on this region, but this can apply to all Norway.
Photo: by Martin Hogeboom
Photo: by Martin Hogeboom

The Norwegian weather

Sharing the same latitude as Alaska, Greenland and Siberia, Norway has a pleasant climate compared to these places. Due to the Gulf Stream and warm air currents, Norway has a friendlier climate than the latitude would indicate, and the coldest areas in the winter are often inland (eastern part).

That said; always remember that the weather can change fast, especially when hiking in the mountains. If you plan on hiking in the mountains, prepare for all types of weather, and make sure you bring waterproof and windproof clothing.

The best tips about clothing

After living in Norway for 17 years I have learned a lot of the Norwegians. Being outdoors they always wear wool underneath, even on colder summerdays. There are several Norwegian Brands (like Devold, Kari Traa etc.) that produce really nice products that don't itch. The biggest advantage of using wool is that it still isolates when getting wet. And when sweating it will not have the same bad odour as synthetic materials.

Always pack your rain gear. There is nothing worse than hiking for several hours in wet clothes. There are many good lightweight gore-tex products.

(Photo: lightweight gore-tex raingear).

Use the layering principle. You can add or remove layers depending on temperature.

Take at least one warm sweater. You will need it. You might even consider to bring a thin down jacket, if you have one, to wear under your wind/rain jacket.

What kind of hiking boots you should bring depends on what kind of hikes you are planning on doing. Are you planning on doing several longer hikes then waterproof boots with ankle support is recommended.
Are you just doing shorter hikes then lower waterproof shoes, or normal trainers can do. Make sure they have outersoles with enough grip.

(Photo: in the front gore-tex trailshoes for easy terrain, in the back gore-tex hikingboots with anklesupport for hikes in more demanding terrain)

Don't forget comfortable and preferably woollen socks. And a spare pair.

You see a lot of Norwegians wear headbands/buffs or hats even in summer, because the wind can be cold and blow unexpected.

For city trips in Norway: do bring your raincoat as well, or an umbrella.

The most important to pack

So the most important things you should bring:
1. Have a selection of clothes that you can layer. That way you can add or remove layers depending on temperature.
2. Wear wool
3. Take at least one warm jumper, it is probably colder than you think
4. Comfortable hiking boots/shoes, preferably goretex
5. A windproof/rain jacket (and if you are planning on hiking several days: also rain trousers)
6. Good socks, and a spare pair
7. Headband or hat, that covers your ears

Download a checklist for a summer hike

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