Day 4 Fjord ski tour week

Day 4:
We pack our stuff in the car and take a ride into the fjord. We focus on a top tour today. There are some great unnamed tops with views over the Nordfjord. After the descent back to the car we drive one hour farther to Stranda. Only the route in the car is worth the effort, overlooking the Geiranger Fjord, so beautiful that it is on the UNESCO heritage list.
In the afternoon we make a trip to for example Høgenibba (1191 m) with starting from the Storesætra. Or to Blæja (1420m), starting from Fivlestadhaugen (400 m) in the beautiful Norangsvalley. This tour is characterized by a long gradual trek up. The reward at the top is the view overlooking the Hjørundfjord, surprising and very beautiful.
The rest of the week we stay in a luxury cabin in Stranda.
6hr, + 800, -1000m

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