Day 3 Cycling Tour de Fjords

A steep downhill winding road leads us to the fjordside village of Store Standal where we board the ferry across the Hjørundfjord to Leknes. We visit the historic Union hotel for a sightseeing and taste the local cake, before continuing into the Norangsvalley.

Another impressive valley shaped by the ice long ago. Here we get a touch of old times with goatherds and rocky shepherd cabins. We visit the drowned village site at Lyngstøllake. We enjoy the valley also at night by staying in Fivlestad hotel.

This is a short day by bike, which gives us the opportunity to relax or take a boattrip over the Geirangerfjord.

2 hrs, 30 km, altitude 330m up and down, 45 min. ferry

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Historic Union Hotel
Unesco Geirangerfjord
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