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Sea kayaking vacations

Sea Kayaking - Ålesund, Storfjord to Geiranger fjord

 NOK 12200 - 6 Days

Start at the coastal waters near Ålesund, paddling between islands into the great fjords. A transformational journey in many ways as the landscape changes and gets more dramatic every day, culminating in the UNESCO heritage listed Geiranger Fjord. This is a real adventurous tour with wild camping on historic sites like mountain farms and an ancient trading post. You might be able to catch a fish and cook it on the open fire. Guided by at least 1 locally known kayak guide. Max group size 8 people. This is the real way to DO the fjord heritage.

Moderate - Challenging

Departs: 2019 departures , check here

Sea Kayaking - Geiranger Fjord Adventure 2 days

 NOK 3050/1850 - 2 Days

The best way to discover and enjoy the UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord is by kayak. No roads along the fjord, so paddling between the steep cliffs and high waterfalls, and at the same time being able to visit the farms along the fjord to get in touch with the fjord cultural heritage, is simply magic. This trip includes one overnight stay in tents or a shed (there are no alternatives along this fjord). From our camp we enjoy the fjord getting still in the evening after the cruiseships and touristboats disappear. We make a campfire and enjoy the greatness of this unspoiled place, being one of the most spectacular fjords in Norway. On this trip, there are good possibilities to swim, fish, dive or hike.

Departs: 2019 departures: check here

One day adventures - The Hidden Fjord kayak tour

 NOK 990/790 - 1 Day

Drive to Urke, or take the Fjordcruise from Ålesund. We will meet at Urke Kaihus. We will start here with a welcome and short instruction on kayak paddling, after which we will paddle into the fjord (2-3 hours). Depending on the wind we might cross the fjord and visit a typical fjord side farm traditionally used for goat farming. This kayak tour is perfect to enjoy and discover the natural beauty of the very dramatic Norwegian fjords in a very tranquil way (Since tourist crowds are elsewhere). Depending on the weather we will see smaller or bigger waterfalls. If you come with the Fjordcruise at 9.15 AM from Ålesund you will have enough time to take a stroll trough Urke. At the end of the tour you will be back in Urke where you can enjoy a cup of coffee at the Kaihus or go for a short hike before boarding the Fjordcruise back to Ålesund.

Departs: Upon request, every day, June - September

Sea Kayaking - Atlantic Fjord Coast 2 days

 NOK 2600/2100 - 2 Days

At the spectacular Atlantic Fjord coast of Norway you will be amazed by the wildlife, the thousand small islands, steep cliffs and some exotic white beaches. The dramatic Atlantic coast is a paradise for those who love nature and kayaking. We enjoy the sea eagles close by and might even spot a seal. We can choose easy protected paddling or go out in the white water. This area is the ideal place to experience the magnificent rough coast of Norway. This trip includes one overnight stay in tents. We will make a campfire and prepare today's catch. On this trip, there are good possibilities to swim, fish, dive or hike.

2019 departures: check here

Sea Kayaking - 1 day Nordfjord Coastal Adventure

 NOK 1400/700 - 1 Day

At this spectacular Atlantic Coast we can choose easy protected paddling or going out in the white water. The area has great nature, many big and small islands, steep cliffs and some exotic white beaches. This makes it to an ideal place to experience the magnificent rough coast of Norway. Many people are surprised by the big difference between this coast and the fjords. The trip can be adapted to suit children as well.

Every day upon request May-October

Sea Kayaking - Skills and rescue courses

 NOK 1100 - 1/2 Day
NOK 2500
- 2 Day

Learn how to use a seakayak in a safe and fun way and at the same time enjoy the fjords of Norway. We have skilled NPF (Norwegian Paddling Association) certified instructors who can learn you the basics of seakayaking in a few hours. In this course you will also learn how to rescue yourself. If you want to refresh, train or extend your skills you can also join our 2 day Basic Seakayaking course. You will learn more paddling techniques, and rescue others and yourself on deep water will be emphasized in this course. A very good preparation for those going out on a selfguided kayaktrip.

Departs: Upon request May-October

Hiking and walking vacations

Hiking the Fjords in 7 days from 2 bases (fully guided, as part of a small group)

 NOK 14900 pp - 7 Days
A customer favourite: join us on this fully guided seven-day Fjord hiking week. Hike along multiple well known and dramatic fjords, off the beaten track, and the beautiful Atlantic coast, on islands with white beaches and high sea cliffs. This trip offers a taste of the coast, the glacial terrain and the dramatic Fjords in between. Each hike is different. We use our own van for covering the region, giving you a great impression of Fjord life and nature on our day hikes. We might hike straight from the cabin or drive to an area where we will take day hikes. Stay in two luxurious cabins, each for three nights, during your trip.

Moderate - Advanced

Departs: 2019 departures: check here

Hiking the Fjords and Atlantic Coast in 10 days (fully guided or self-guided)

 price upon request -10 Days
Hiking along several known and dramatic fjords but off the beaten track. Hikes on islands along the Atlantic coast with white beaches and high seacliffs. Cultural visits, meeting the locals, habits and traditions. Handpicked nice hotels with that little extra local scent. A roundtrip from the coast to high alpine glacier terrain and dramatic fjords in between. During this trip you will taste some very good locally produced food. Since we travel from the coast, along the fjords, into the higher mountains and glaciers, it is logical the menu varies according to the places we visit. From seafood to deer, lamb and much more which grows locally. Hiking in the fjords gives not only this special view and background but also makes travelling exciting. Often you will be on board on a ferry or boat crossing a fjord, providing a different perspective.

Departs: Upon request June-September

Guided day hike Hornelen sea cliff

 from NOK 890 pp - 1 Day
Visit Bremanger and hike Europe's highest sea cliff! The hike will give you a spectacular hiking experience. The trail is quite challenging and steep, but gives you fantastic views all along the way to the top. On the top you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view! You will get a great overview of the varied and scenic landscape in FjordKysten - narrow deep fjords, majestic mountains and small islands far out at sea. If you dare to, you can lie down on the edge of the cliff and look straight down on the sea 860 meters below you. You will never forget this hike, it is one of a kind!


Departs: Upon request July-October

Family adventures

Active roundtrip Norway - Hiking, kayaking and other adventures

 price upon request - 12 Days
Visit Jotunheimen National Park, the Fjords and Aurlandsvalley.
Discover the wonders of nature in Fjord Norway by a self-drive roundtrip using several mountain cabins or hotels as basis, visiting and experiencing several of the biggest natural attractions without meeting crowds. Experienced guides, on several locations, will guide you.
In every spot, you will have multiple choices of adventures. Crossing the Jotunheimen, Strynefjellet, Geirangerfjord, along the Jostedals glacier, hiking the Aurlandsvalley or biking the Rallarroad. Finally a little visit to beautiful Bergen before taking the "most beautiful railway" in Europe back to Oslo.

Upon request June -September

Family Fjord Wilderness Camp

 NOK 6500/4100 - 4 Days

You will meet your guide and the rest of the group in Ålfoten. Where you will get a brief instruction on how to pack & handle a kayak. After which we will kayak to our first campsite, an abandoned farm.We will set up camp, go out fishing for dinner and there is time to explore the surroundings. The next morning we will paddle to the end of the fjord. Than we hike to our next campsite a hidden gem known as the Førsvalley. We will set up camp again and try to catch some trout in the nearby lake for dinner. The following day will go on a hike to find some of the best views in the area. Upon returning there is time for a refreshing dive in one of the mountain lakes. The next day we will break up the camp and hike down back to Ålfoten where we will end the trip.

August 15-18, 2019

Cycling and biking adventures

Cycling vacations - Tour de Fjords (Atlantic coast, Nordfjord, Hjørundfjord, Geirangerfjord)

From NOK 19600
- 6 Days

You start this trip at Bremangerisland on the Atlantic coast in the fishingvilage of Kalvåg. Then exploring, by mostly smaller backroads, the Nordfjord, Hjørundfjorden and the Geirangerfjord. Ending, via the turquoise Stryn lake, your roundtrip in the Nordfjord again. Scenic routes every day. Fjord crossings by ferry. Comfortable luxurious guesthouses and hotels. This tour shows you the great diversity of the fjord landscape, steep fjords, dramatic valleys, glaciers, lakes and the sea all within six days. A fully guided trip with luggage transportation (or choose for the self-guided option: nok 12.800). A treat for the cycle enthusiast.


Departs: Upon request June - September

Self-guided vacations

Self-guided vacations

 Upon request

We offer different adventure roundtrips you and your friends, family, can do on your own. We have picked and tested the best routes, (guided) activities, hidden pearls, leisure or budget accomodations. Most people who do a trip like this like to stay several days in one place in order to experience some real adventures and enjoy nature. Wether you like hiking in the Jotunheimen or at the Atlantic coast, glacierwalks, kayaking in Geiranger or elsewhere, making a selfie at the Trolltunga, biking the Rallarvegen or looking over the edge of Pulpit rock we combine the attractions for you and offer a trip you drive yourself in your own pace with your own choice of activities (guided or not). Please contact us for a tailor-made offer.

Departs: All year

Winter fjord vacations

Winter fjord adventure, self-drive/partially guided, 8 days

 NOK 15600 - 8 Days

A self-drive trip through the Fjords of Norway. A true winter wonderland especially because of the contrast between the white, snow covered, mountains and the dark blue fjords. Snowshoeing and a fishing trip combined with a cooking workshop are a great opportunity to meet the locals and enjoy nature at the same time. Completing the trip with city visits to Bergen and Oslo and doing so by a relaxing train journey famous for it's scenic views. If you' re lucky you might even see the Northern Lights.


Departs: February - April

Fjord ski tour, guided, 1 week

 Upon request from NOK 13200 - 7 Days

More and more people discover the Fjords of Norway as a tour skiing paradise. Loads of snow (appr 4-10 meters per winter!) and endless unspoiled mountains. We have skied in most continents all over the world but touring with a magnificient fjordview is beyond something you have tried before. We arrange a week with a luxurious log cabin as our base and take you on some magnificient trips in the Nordfjord and Hjørundfjord area.The best months are from March to May since days get longer and the weather and snow is stabilizing.

Moderate -Advanced

Departs: March - May, ask us for a date that suits you

Fjords snow shoe week, guided, 1 week

 Upon request from NOK 11900 - 7 Days

During the snow shoe week in the Fjords of Norway, with a luxury lodge as your basecamp, you do varied guided snow shoe tours in the area. Every day we decide where the best conditions for a successful hike are. For example we hike on an island at the coast overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, we hike on a mountain surrounded by fjords, stroll into higher alpine terrain and hike through spectacular valleys with rivers, forests and magnificent views. Expect a varied and spectacular nature experience that is unparalleled.

The nice thing with snow shoeing is that you do not need any experience, and you will still be able to access areas with lots of snow.

Easy - Moderate

Departs: March - May, ask us for a date that suits you

One day adventures

One day adventures - guided kayak tour at the Atlantic coast

 NOK 1400/700 - 1 Day

Not many people visiting the fjords are aware of the different beauty one can experience from the seaside. The dramatic Atlantic coast is a paradise for those who love nature and kayaking. Discover the dramatic cliffs, many big and small islands, surprisingly exotic and white sandy beaches on a one day trip. In addition to the nature experience, we also might paddle through the picturesque fishing village of Kalvåg. We enjoy the sea eagles close by and might even spot a seal. Your guide will find a nice spot for making a campfire lunch. Take your swimsuit with you on a nice summer day to cool down in the crystal clear water. This trip can be adjusted to suit children as well.

Departs: Upon request, every day May- September