Our partners/network

We believe in the strength of cooperation and being part of networks. We are just a small company but we have high ambitions, and we cannot do this alone.

We are a member of:
Norwegian Centre of Expertise: NCE Tourism Fjord Norway
Destination Fjordkysten
Destination Visit Nordfjord

We participate in developing the following projects:
Kayak the Fjords
Skiing the Fjords
Via Ferrata Mt. Hornelen

For teambuilding we work together with InTeamMade, Knutholmen and Gloppen hotel.

We are a proud agent for the products/services of:
Fjord 2
Visit Flåm
Thon hotels
Scandic hotels
And many other hotels and activityproviders.

We have also been selected as Evaneos' local agent in Norway, both for the German-, English- and Dutch speaking market.