Our partners/network

We believe in the strength of cooperation and being part of networks. We are just a small company but we have high ambitions, and we cannot do this alone.

We are a proud member of:

Norwegian Centre of Expertise: NCE Tourism Fjord Norway
Destination Fjordkysten
Destination Visit Nordfjord

We participate in developing the following projects:
Kayak the Fjords
Skiing the Fjords
Via Ferrata Mt. Hornelen

For teambuilding we work together with InTeamMade, Knutholmen and Gloppen hotel.

We are a proud agent for the products/services of:
Fjord 2
Visit Flåm
Thon hotels
Scandic hotels
Nordic Choice hotels
Classic Norway
And many other hotels and activityproviders.

We have also been selected as Evaneos' local agent in Norway, both for the German-, English- and Dutch speaking market.